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Trevor Hughes

Hi Brian

According to the parts book the RC and RD do share the same rear brake hose, however the Australian bikes use a different part to the rest of the world. I believe I’m correct in saying from 1982 the rest of the world had braided brake line fitted to 1100R’s where Australian bikes continued with rubber lines.

43310-MA3-641 Rest of the world
43310-MA3-791 Australia

I have measured my RD braided brake line, maybe this will help:

Complete hose measured from centre of banjo fittings 46cm. The banjo fittings are 90 Degrees twisted.

Long banjo fitting caliper end 4cm
Crimp 2cm
Hose 12cm
Hose protector 14.8cm
Hose 9cm
Crimp 2cm
Short banjo fitting 2.2cm


When I replaced the lines on my RB I used black plastic coated stainless lines this keeps the original look but with stainless lines.