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Yes Andy, it’s an early GT750 with the drum brake…which works very well! Right at the back of the gang there’s a very early GS750 with a single front disc which requires a bit of planning to slow down, especially if the disc is wet.

I used to have a GS750 back in the late 70s / early 80s when I lived in Melbourne, Australia, which is where I first came across the CB1100R. I seem to remember that the Honda was the price of a decent new car back then, and way out of my price range. I saw them race a few times, with Wayne Gardner and Wayne Clark throwing them around like 250s! I seem to remember starting grids with half the bikes being CB1100Rs, and that made me want one more! But moving back to the UK in the mid 80s, buying house and working etc. got in the way…until now.

30 years is a long time to wait!!

Glad to see that my ‘D’ has frame number and engine number in the ‘range’….not surprised though.

Any ideas on (roughly) how many bikes are left in the UK / rest of world? Out of the 4000 made and with a race history I would guess that it’s a high percentage of survival compared with a standard production bike. Have they ever been cheap enough that they would have been scrapped?

Where in the world are they most appreciated?