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Trevor Hughes

@SteveB 2821 wrote:

yesterday i balanced the carbs on the RB and also reconnected the loose plug that stopped it charging the battery
then this morning i took the RB for a ride to rivington , it goes better than it looks, it “seems” lighter and comfier than the RD .
very noisy (106 Db ) but great fun. It can now go onto the rota of which bike to ride .
Because its so scruffy ,it will probably become my daily bike, and my track day bike.

Steve. I’ve not ridden an RD properly for some time but when I moved your RD at Mallory last year I thought it was very slim compared to my RB. I always thought the RC/RD seat looks to have a thicker cushion than the RB so would think the RC/RD more comfortable for long rides.