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Hi Trev,

The bike is MOT’d and taxed each year, when I got it I opened the tax disk holder which contained the previous disks from the last owner from 1982/1990/2008 which is nice… It doesn’t do many miles but it feels eager to rev considering its age, and feels much lighter & quicker than the 1973 500/4 I use more often… For some reason the 500/4 is a lot of fun as its heavier and takes more effort to ride fast (up to 70mph that is) compared to the 400 (its an F2).

She’s doing good thanks, not walking yet but we’re happy knowing we can go out the room for a couple of minutes and come back and she’s in the same spot… Stair gates to follow! Looking forward to when she’s old enough to show her the TT or the classic TT … gutted we couldn’t do this year. Maybe she can use the 400 when she’s older.