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Trevor Hughes

@KeithG 3250 wrote:

RB in the UK

I’ve been to see this RB today and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The numbers given here are correct for an RB and the bike is in clean useable condition. Obviously there are marks on the paintwork and the engine could do with a repaint if you wanted perfection. The guy in the workshop doesn’t know much of the history and doesn’t know CB1100R’s. He believes the bike to be South African

From what I saw I would say:

There is a bracket on the steering stem possibly from a different fairing at some time.
Rear seat fairing is genuine Honda RC/RD, pillion seat cowl missing.
Rear footpegs are CBX.
Fuel tank is RC/RD.
Speedo is KPH 750 or 900.
Generator cover is RC/RD.
Indicators are nonstandard.