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    International CB1100R Owners Meeting – 2014
    … somewhere in the UK ?

    Seeking your ideas and input into planning the 2014 International CB1100R Owners Meeting

    The Club Committee are keen to move quickly to select a date and venue to hold the international meeting which we would aim to host the most 1100R’s from all over the UK, Europe and maybe beyond.

    Please join in on this forum to put your thoughts and preferences.


    Hello guys,

    Is it possible to go to the Isle of Man for the international meeting?
    It is done before in 2004 so may be you can do it again 10 years later?
    I think it,s a very special place and you make my dreams come true to ride overthere with a R and meet you all again.

    Kind Regards,


    Peter Hunt

    What time of year are you thinking of?
    We would consider making the trek from Oz, but not with the bike…

    Trevor Hughes

    Hi Peter
    At the moment we are only looking for ideas so we are completely flexible on dates, however if we plan to take in a bike event then that event would dictate the date of the meeting. Obviously there are more events in British summertime so that would offer more to choose from.
    It would be great to meet up with some of you guys so if you have any preferred dates then please let us know.


    Can i suggest meeting at the southern 100 in the isle of man, the reason being its a month later than the TT ,( July) and there is a possibility that the weather is nicer ,
    its less crowded on the ferry and hotels, the racing is still top quality ,and the TT course is less crowded for people who want to ride round.


    That’s a good idea…..
    The Southern 100 is a proper race with a mass start over the 4.25 mile Billown road circuit at Castletown.
    It is Monday-Wednesday evenings for practices and some races plus a full race day on the Thursday….all in a week in mid July. All classes up to 1000cc and sidecars.
    It is becoming very popular as the TT has too many long gaps in the day when nothing happens.
    It has my vote…..as a local.
    Dick H

    Glenn Kirkham

    Good option Dick – however i believe a lot of people will be spending 1-2 days each way to get to the Island and will want to make a ‘proper holiday’ of it too – so for me the Manx GP week would seem a better option and has that nice ‘Classic’ feel to it all too. Like the TT there always seems to be a lot going on and a few folk I spoke to in Switzerland wanted to bring ‘the family’ and make an event of it.

    King Williams College have confirmed to me that they are still available to us at a low cost rate (circa £20 a night) which will be very hard to top and we know that works with the numbers we had in 2004.

    I’ve spoken to the MGP folk who believe that they could feature the 1100R at their Jurby event diring MGP week and arrange some ‘parade’ laps for thos interested. They have also offered to raise our possible visit in 2014 with the IOM DED committee (Dept of economic development?) and we may get an opportunity of a parade lap on the Mountain course too – although there will be a not inconsiderable entry fee to cover the admin & insurances etc.

    Having never attended it before – the MGP that has my vote. Alternative options like Scarborough ‘cock of the North’ racing or the MBF show are all just weekend jaunts. Having just got back from the Switzerland meet spending as much travelling there as being there is not great. e.g. our swedish chapter will spend about 6 days travelling to & from the Island.

    Just my two pence worth :o)

    Cheers.. Glenn

    Trevor Hughes

    The Manx GP is a great event that has that classic feel, which in my view fits with 11R ownership. I last visited the MGP in 2002 and I enjoyed the event more than the TT. At the Manx there is always plenty going on without it being too busy.

    Glenn Kirkham

    H chaps – have / did we establish a cut off date for making a firm decision on this…? If we are serious about doing then we will need to firm up on venue, dates and facilities pretty soon so folk can get it into their diaries.. Cheers.. Glenn


    The decision is with the Committee as far as I can see Glenn.. All members were contacted by email or by post to contribute on ideas for
    this so there’s been a good round of consultations with the members.

    Glenn Kirkham

    Would we be best awaiting the issue of the next ‘R’ world – I thought there was an invite for ideas going in there..?

    Note for Andy L – have you gone to print now ..?

    Cheers.. Glenn


    What I am sure you are all aware of but needs to be mentioned anyway is that this was the last year of the Manx in its current form,from next year it will be a different format which may be more or less appealling but willl surely be something to be considered

    Trevor Hughes

    Hi Paul

    Do you have any idea of what the new format may be?


    Hi Trev
    Quoting from a recent article
    “Plans have been released for an all new classic festival based around the middle weekend of the traditional MGP fortnight and incorporating four classic races,now rebranded as the Classic TT Races.Races will be held on saturday and monday with the VMCC Festival of Jurby on the Sunday.The modern bike races will run on Wednesday and Friday of the second week.
    The festival,which has yet to be given an official overall title will also host the VMCC rally,Manx Classic and Two Day Trial.The DEpartment of Economic Development will run the classic side whilst the Manx Motorcycle Club control the Manx Grand Prix races.
    The new look festival looks to represent a sensible comprimise in the face of opposition to plans to shorten the event and reduce the number of modern bike races.Economic Development Minister John Shimmin said “We are confident we have a focused festival that can generate additional visitors.The team will look to further develop the Classic TT”

    Reading that it would seem that for the classic stuff a long weekend would do the job

    Hope that helps Trev

    Trevor Hughes


    That sound like a very busy and fun packed week.
    Please keep us informed


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