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    Hi al
    Well it has started a minor restoration maybe, but the ebay photo’s didn’t shown how cosmetically it needed work so I will see as we go how much I will need to do


    Trevor Hughes

    Hi Terry

    From these pictures it looks to be a complete and original bike. (Assuming you’ve removed the fairing)

    Good luck


    Hi Terry,one small detail is already done and on his way to you, succes with the restoration and we love picture`s.




    Yes mate is original but was stored in an open type carport for 2 years and is just really dirty, and the engine covers need a bit of work and he had tried to polish the black motor part etc and made a real mess but not much work really mainly cosmetic, has a scrap on tail & RH front fairing from a very slow off I would say. But it is going to my painter mate for touch up. Ebay photos I posted make it look a real pride & joy how photo’s hide the truth

    Wim the pegs will make it look a lot better because when I sent the set over they were from this bike so should look good.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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