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    Hello dear forum members and like-minded people!

    I currently have the following project on the lift:

    About 3 months ago I bought a Honda CB1100Rb SC05 from 1981 to prepare, i.e. the original condition should appear again. A difficult task, of course especially since, as is well known, there were only 1050 pieces of this machine.
    The usual provision of spare parts as such, i.e. for common components and wearing parts, is yes reasonably given, but as soon as the machine has been changed in places, it is known difficult to get the corresponding original parts on the market or at least
    these as replicas and above all at normal market prices – surely everyone of you knows this!

    But I would still like to return my Honda CB1100RB SC05 to the original or Bring original condition, here apparently one of the sometimes 4 predecessors has the condition of Vehicle, for whatever specific reason, changed negatively from my point of view and
    the old components were no longer available from the last seller.

    But otherwise the vehicle is in a fairly good state of preservation.

    Of course there is more work to be done, after all this machine has been standing for almost 20 years since yours last TÜV acceptance by the 3rd previous owner dry in a garage. carburetor, clutch, valves, etc., are due for review and, if necessary,
    readjustment, but the mileage is almost 41,000 km yes, in any case still quite low after a past of almost 42 years.

    Attached are 2 photos of the machine I bought just before I bought it.

    1. The pure seat (I was already able to get the rear paneling from Italy thanks to fortunate circumstances, this one is currently on the way).
    2. The rear shock absorbers in the red color scheme.
    3. The usual 4-into-2 exhaust system in a black color scheme.

    Maybe someone reads this post and can help me, i.e. he just happens to have the right components, does anyone know who still has these parts or can give me a helpful link for a source – would be Of course it’s all a dream – I’m excited!

    Thank you in advance and we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy start into the New Year 2023!

    The left greeting, Thomas

    Glenn Kirkham

    Hi Thomas, you have an interesting project there.. You will know that the seat cowling is not correct for an RB.. the seat in the pic is for the RC/RD.
    The RB also does not have passenger footrests… and the footrest bracket is also from the RC/RD.
    You can check in the website classifieds section for the exhaust parts you seek.
    Cheers.. Glenn


    Hello Glenn,

    thank you for your message.
    Yes, in fact, I have already been able to obtain the right rear paneling g for the RB in Italy, but now I still need the right seat for the RB. The passenger footrests will of course come off, but most of it is still there original – “Thank God”, but it’s not easy after more than 40 years to simply pick up suitable parts on the market and if so, then of course often overpriced – not without reason, the sellers will probably think!
    Greetings Thomas


    Oh yes, by the way, a short introduction to myself, my name is Thomas, I am a BJ70, a passionate collector and hunter of beautiful Honda motorcycles, especially from the 70s to the mid-2000s. My fleet has accumulated a bit over the years, my goal from now on is to maintain, improve or improve my companions as best I can restored to its original state if necessary. The preferences in the fleet are characteristics such as VTR1000SP2-SC45; CB1100RB-SC05; CB1300SA-SC54; VF750C-RC43; CB900F2-SC01; CB1100F-SC11; CBX1000-CB1;
    CB750FOUR-K6; DAX ST70; CBR1000R-SC57, CB750FOUR-F1; VFR800II-RC46. I also drive up longer tours a VFR1200XDT-SC70-2012. I like to exchange ideas with like-minded people, except for weirdos or stupid talkers, that’s what the time too valuable. I like forums,
    a good way to exchange information at a healthy distance and to encounter a lot of helpful tips.


    and here is a picture from a part of my nic fleet of old motorcycles

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