Welcome to the CB1100R Owners Club

Dedicated to the Honda CB1100R – As you’re reading this then you will already know just how special the CB1100R is.

Launched in Europe in 1981 as Honda’s first homologated production road/race bike it was raced on tracks by Ron Haslam (Our Honarary Club President), Joey Dunlop & Wayne Gardner dominating production racing for the next few years. The bike was so successful in the Castrol 6 hour races in Australia that the organisers sought to have the bike banned! In the MCN Streetbike championship in 1981 & 1982 (the forerunner of what was eventually to be the British Superbike Championship) Rocket Ron & Wayne Gardner won 11 out of the 12 rounds on this bike. The single race Ron didn’t win was because he was so far ahead he was getting bored and decided to go for the lap record and was doing well until he came off. having established such a lead Ron was still able to remount and managed to finish 2nd.

An initial batch of 100 or so unfaired RB bikes was rushed to Australia in 1980 to allow it to run (and dominate) the Castrol 6 hour production bike race. The bike was sold to other selective markets during 1981 – 1050 RB bikes are claimed by Honda to have been produced globally, 1982 – 1500 RC bikes, and 1983 1500 RD bikes and as Honda’s first Production Race Bike with such limited numbers they are now highly collectable and sought after commanding prices anywher between £10,000 to the mid to late £20,000 region.

Although originating from the UK the Owners club has many international members on literally every continent.

We organise many Bike meetings and ride outs in the UK and can be seen at several Classic events during the year. We also investigate, and manufacture and supply some of the items no longer available for these bikes.

If you already have a CB1100R or are thinking of buying one then you really should consider joining us – click here