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Trevor Hughes

Hi Daniel

Thats a good point we have missed. We should look at adding the merchandise on this forum.

Until we correct that error the club do have a limited supply of Merchandise for sale.

1100R T-shirt None, we do plan another order soon
25th Anniversary T-Shirts £5 4 XL, 1XXXL
Blue Polo Shirts £13 3L, 1XL, 1XXL
Red Polo Shirts £5.00 3M
Roll Neck tops £5.00 5M
Sweat Shirts £16.00 2L, 3XL
30th Anniversary T-Shirts £12.00 2XL

Embroider badge £5.00 ?
Windscreen badge £2.00 ?

Binders for R world £5.50 11

If you require any of the above I currently have most of the stock.