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Glenn Kirkham

Hi all, as a newly elected member of the committee can I first apologies for only now reading this post.

Any change from the Status Quo will always have it’s advocates and critics – the new constitution now gives a voice to all members – something that was missing in the past. This meant that most club decisions were taken by the members that could travel to the various meetings. We do have quite a considerable overseas membership too now, they are entitles to a voice – and to be honest – we need to move with the times. This forum makes communications so much easier than it has ever been before for the vast majority of club members.

The new constitution was never a political or control takeover – it’s actually a letting go of the club running to the wider membership with all members having an equal vote in what does and does not get done. Who does and does not get invited to limited number events etc. Is it perfect – NO – can it be changed yes of course it can.

Anyone who believes that something in the constitution should be changed is very welcome to write what they see as an improvement and that wording can then be proposed for constitution inclusion at a subsequent general meeting – If the change is really valuable the committee and/or the Chairman can actually call an EGM for the items to be voted upon – not something done lightly because of the time, effort and expense of calling an General Meeting.

So if anyone believes that the constitution requires improving then please feels free to send the suggestions in.

To be honest I actually want to start riding bikes again and put the constitution ‘genii’ back in it’s bottle – now whose coming to Switzerland…?