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Trevor Hughes

Hi David

I’ve done a little research around and I’ve found the answers below in blue. Unfortunately I can’t guarantee they are right either but this is how I remember things.

  1. The original single cam CB750 was launched in 1971 right? I believe the CB750 was launched in 1969 in Europe
  2. Freddie Spenser’s AMA superbike was a 1023 offshoot of the CB900F right? Not the CB750? The year he won it was painted in the CB900’s silver with blue stripes paint job?
  3. When the 1981 CB1100RB won the MCN Streetbike series all three of Joey Dunlop, Wayne Gardner and Ron Haslam were contesting the series with R’s? Ron won the 1981 series on an RB, he also won the 1982 series on an RC. I’m not sure but I don’t think Wayne raced in the UK series until 1982 on an RC.
  4. Wayne Gardner won the 1981 Castrol Six Hours in Bathurst aboard a CB1100RB? Wayne won the 1980 Castrol Six-Hour race on a CB1100RB1 which was held at Amaroo Park in Australia. In 1981 the 11R was banned for not having a duel seat. Honda returned in 1982 with the RC, that bike is still on show in Australia where it has not been run since the victory.
  5. The 1981 CB1100RB’s original half fairing formed the basis for the Hondaline accessory that was offered for CB900s? These type fairing were fitted as standard to F2 models of the 750/900 and CBX prolink.

    Once you have completed your article for the magazine send a copy to AndyL as it would be interesting to put in R world.