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i’ve just started running mine in after fitting an 1123 kit….what i did was run it up as your dude said…let it run for say may 3-4 mins giving it a little throttle…jusy little blips till its warmed up some and is running fairly well.the carbs will want balancing but not yet. when she’s running look for any obviuos leaks or nasty noises…bear in mind that these can knock a bit at very low revs but as long as it goes nice and quiet above 1,500rpm it’s fine…
shut her down…give it a min then check the oil level…it will most likely want topping up…now gear up and go for a spin…;) you dont want to load the motor too much,but dont ride it too gently as this can glaze the bores and the rings wont seal for ages…dont take it much above 4000rpmfor first 100miles…the motor will feel tight….pull over after 5 miles and have another check for leaks etc..the more miles you do the harder you can use the throttle and revs….but as you’ve had new big ends and mains i’d give it 1000 miles befor i start to cane in…:cool:..try to avoid dual carrige and mways…..constant revs won’t help the bed in process much…i’m sure someone will post up with the factory routine….:D..fresh oil and filter after 500 miles…
also for running in i use ordinary mineral oil…semi or fully tends to be too slippery for initial break in.