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Trevor Hughes

@NickW 2334 wrote:

Was there any forum of manual produced for the cb1100rc/rd ?
And if not as I suspect what does anyone use (mainly for the engine and associated carbs / ignition etc)



Hi Nick

When an 11R was bought new the original Owner’s Manual was very detailed hence Honda called it Owner’s Maintenance Manual. They are now very hard to find but do come up on Ebay from time to time. They are usually very expensive for a good condition original item and do differ between the models.

RB has a red cover and P/N 32MA300
RC has a blue cover and P/N 32MA301
RD has a blue cover and P/N 32MA3600 or 00X32-MA3-6000

The club do offer photo copies of the original for the price of copping plus postage. Ask Steve (Club secretory) for details.

Although much of the important detail is replicated between the models it’s nice to have the correct manual to go with the bike.

There is also a Clymer CB900-1100 workshop manual (M325) available which is really for the American CBF series or the Haynes CB750-900 DOHC workshop manual (535). Obviously this does not cover the 1100 but many things are similar.