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Hahaha, yes I am down south. The weather is better here and we get to ride more. Each to their own. £25 K is way too much for that bike and I hear everything said about the original 1100 R being a bit special, it was in its day designed with a specific task in mind without compromise.
Of the original 1100R whats left on the sanctuary bike ? Bodywork , frame , tank………thats about it. To all intents an purposes its no longer an 1100R , it just looks like one. Thats the key for me. My own personal opinion is doing that to a rare bike is a no no.
The concept bike will be a better all round bike, every component will be better and lets be fair a 1100R is woefully slow by todays standards. Lets not even start discussing brakes. I am an average rider and even I can pretty much ride an 1100R flat out……….part of that is because its comparatively slow to todays bikes and part of it is because its such a sweet handling bike and a testament of how Honda got it right back in the 80’s. I know its not an exact comparison, I also have a CB1300……..I just like the look of it. However its dynamically better than a 1100R in almost every respect and of course owning one is hastle free.
Also, and it may be an age thing, I cannot think of a single bike available today new that i like the look of. They all look like they have been designed by some power ranger . Again just my humble opinion. I guess thats why many of us like older bikes.
I know it wont be an out and out ” special ” but I do hope honda make it because I would buy one….as long as its not £25k.
That sanctuary bike is very pretty though………..