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Hi All,
Some of you may have seen Andre reply on the yahoo forum and what he said does make sense.
First after looking at the bearing and contacting simply bearings it became clear that not only is the bearing very hard to get, but there
was no guarantee that the snap ring in the outer race would be there or in the right place.
We also come to the conclusion that the collar what goes up against the bearing (also what the seal runs on) looks like it has been shrunk on.
This is no real problem to remove but there is a chance of damaging the collar and the bearing!
So I decided after a clean and it felt ok that it was going back. Shame really as I have changed all the other bearing and that
one does seem in my eyes take more load than the others. Also strange was that all the bearings in the box are Nachi but that one is
NTN. Anyway so look after you bearings with regular oil changes and no burn outs. cheers Gary.