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@PhilipC 322 wrote:

Hi – sorry but could you clarify these paint codes? I want to have an RB professionally re-sprayed and would appreciate a list of all the paint codes, including frame, shocks, forks, etc.. Should the frame be stove-enameled, powder coated or just sprayed? Cheers, Phil.

Hi Phil,

A point of caution re powder coating the frame. Most of the stock reds that the coating shops use look very close to the stock 1100R – that is until you put them side by side when you see that the coater’s red has a more “orange” look to it… it is closer to a Yamaha red, whereas the Honda is more scarlet. I have put it quite a lot of time with my local coaters Aerocoat in St Olaves to get the right match and they are closer now although not perfect. I can’t speak for the stove finish and obviously paint gets bang on if you use the Honda colours.

Just a point for you to bear in mind to save you making the same expensive mistake that I did. If you’re not that fussed then no worries… but you know how stiff these ‘enthusiasts’ can get about this sort of thing.