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Trevor Hughes

Hi Gary

I think it would be a good idea for the club to invest and hold some spare parts. This is even more necessary where big numbers are involved in the manufacturing processes. The issue is there are very few of the regularly needed parts that are common to all three models which does ask the question. What parts to hold if we are to be fair to all members? A discussion point for the AGM.

With that said, Wim has obviously invested considerable time and effort finding this company and I personally would like to see the club offer all the help we can.

Wout has also worked on Clutch kits and RC/RD seat covers. The club have worked with Reproduction decals who can now supply all RB/RC/RD decals. I think the important thing here is that all of these reproduction parts are good replicas. Maybe a way forward is to start a new section on the forum, “Reproduction Spares” where all of these parts can be advertised for sale.