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Right, I’ve booked in for the trip… now here’s the rub.

If things carry on at the pace they are with regards to my rebuild I am going to miss having my bike ready in time for the trip (one thing after another which i will cover in greater detail on another thread). I have managed to secure the use of my mate’s Thundercat 600 Yam to get me out on the road while this glorious weather is with us but in an ideal world I would like to be able to attend the Swiss Rally on an R (rather than the nippy but high revving Yam – never realised how torquey an R is til I swung my leg over a ‘modernish 600).

So, in short, does anyone have a spare that I could borrow for the rally – on a fully comp insurance and a promise to replace any broken bits should anything happen – if push came to shove? I realise its cheeky, but if you don’t ask you don’t get do you?

If everything goes as it should,it shouldn’t be an issue, but I thought I would ask and test the water in advance so to speak.

Go on… pretty please! :rolleyes: