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Here are results of testing glue for attaching the rubber to the aluminium.
I have two type`s of glue,the first one is one component SIKA Sikaflex 252.Look for the technicals at
There is a produkt data sheet there with all the information.
I have peeled of some original rubbers from the aluminium and if the nessecary strenght needed is 10,the result of this glue is 12!.Fact is that this glue gets his strenght of the thickness of the layer.That means there have to be a thickness of approximately 1,5 mm.
Advantage of this stuff is that it is black

Nr two is the SABA Sabaplast 1950 A,two component glue.It is a polyurethaneglue.The strenght nessecary needed to peel of was 10!
This thickness of the layer glue is aproxemately 0,5 mm,that an advantage.The color is creamy white.And the mixing of the two components is VERY important.

My choice will be the SIKA glue,but will also do one set with the SABA glue.
Ofcourse both are wetherproof etc etc.

I am offering you all to do the gluejob for you,but than there are ofcourse the shippingcost so take that in mind.
If you do it yourself,be sure to grind of the alu with qualitysandpaper type 80,also grind the rubber to make good attachmend.
Will put a summary within the package with the rubbers,wen I send.
Next week they can start produce the rubbers.

Best regards,