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Hi Steve,

I spoke to Phil about making a certain amount. I didn’t talk exact numbers, but he did say they are not geared up to making large quantities like 100 +. I need the front fairing bolts ( 4 bolts per set ), I am sure they could do maybe 40 ( which is 10 sets ) . The rear fairing bolts are still available, but Steve B needs the seat cowl to seat bolts ( 2 bolts per set ) and again I am sure he could make 20 ( which is 10 sets again ).
I enquired roughly on price and Phil said he needs to see the bolts first , but as a ball park figure it would be roughly £4 per bolt.
Perhaps the thing to do is to send Phil the bolts, let him have a look and then he can give an accurate price and the quantity he is happy/able to make.
I am happy to do that, or you can take over if you like as I don’t have any bolts I can send Phil at the moment.