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Glenn Kirkham

Good option Dick – however i believe a lot of people will be spending 1-2 days each way to get to the Island and will want to make a ‘proper holiday’ of it too – so for me the Manx GP week would seem a better option and has that nice ‘Classic’ feel to it all too. Like the TT there always seems to be a lot going on and a few folk I spoke to in Switzerland wanted to bring ‘the family’ and make an event of it.

King Williams College have confirmed to me that they are still available to us at a low cost rate (circa £20 a night) which will be very hard to top and we know that works with the numbers we had in 2004.

I’ve spoken to the MGP folk who believe that they could feature the 1100R at their Jurby event diring MGP week and arrange some ‘parade’ laps for thos interested. They have also offered to raise our possible visit in 2014 with the IOM DED committee (Dept of economic development?) and we may get an opportunity of a parade lap on the Mountain course too – although there will be a not inconsiderable entry fee to cover the admin & insurances etc.

Having never attended it before – the MGP that has my vote. Alternative options like Scarborough ‘cock of the North’ racing or the MBF show are all just weekend jaunts. Having just got back from the Switzerland meet spending as much travelling there as being there is not great. e.g. our swedish chapter will spend about 6 days travelling to & from the Island.

Just my two pence worth :o)

Cheers.. Glenn