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Right , spoken to Phill this morning. Bolts on their way to him.
He will start off by making exact copies of the originals. For ease of ordering, I have agreed with Phill to do them in sets. ( I figured that you would want all the bolts on your bike to match ) Each set will contain 10 bolts ( 4 front fairing x4 rear fairing x2 seat cowl )
I am sure Phill will be happy to supply individual bolts.
Once Phill has received the bolts, the whole process will be much easier. I will get him to keep the bolts on record and eventually I guess it will be just a case of call Phill and he will deal with you directly.
Once we have numbers for Original sets, then we can move on to other sets, be it cross head or allen head, both of which he can do.