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The Gold on the RD engine covers is not normal paint. It’s a process involving some special lacquers. I got this information
recently from a guy that researched it… then tested it on his casings…. the only problem is … I didn’t write it down at the time
and for the moment the ol’ memory cells arent’ firing in the right order… so I’ll update as soon as they come back online
(sorry.. :confused: must be the last few days of being out of it with some knockout virus!! )

You notice that the Gold is often faded and nearly always a slightly different shade on different bikes. That’s not what a normal
paint would do! I have a NOS crank cover here in a box, and it’s a much richer colour than many you see on the 30 yo RD’s .

All I have to do now is remember the information:confused::confused: …. doah !!!:o