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Hi Trev
Quoting from a recent article
“Plans have been released for an all new classic festival based around the middle weekend of the traditional MGP fortnight and incorporating four classic races,now rebranded as the Classic TT Races.Races will be held on saturday and monday with the VMCC Festival of Jurby on the Sunday.The modern bike races will run on Wednesday and Friday of the second week.
The festival,which has yet to be given an official overall title will also host the VMCC rally,Manx Classic and Two Day Trial.The DEpartment of Economic Development will run the classic side whilst the Manx Motorcycle Club control the Manx Grand Prix races.
The new look festival looks to represent a sensible comprimise in the face of opposition to plans to shorten the event and reduce the number of modern bike races.Economic Development Minister John Shimmin said “We are confident we have a focused festival that can generate additional visitors.The team will look to further develop the Classic TT”

Reading that it would seem that for the classic stuff a long weekend would do the job

Hope that helps Trev