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I would be interesting to know the real figure Nat.

“Official website” ? I don’t exactly know how they get this data but I do know it’s totally inaccurate. I was in contact with a guy that runs a similar site. His data
showed similar numbers, but bikes owned by Club members comes to more than 50, and I know of at least 10 bikes in existance in the UK that
aren’t in the club that have passed through Ebay or elsewhere.

Total guess, but out of 400 bikes (or thereabouts) that came into the country maybe half are still out there somewhere hiding in garages. As for the number SORNed
or on the road I’d guess somewhere closer to 100. Just a guess mind.

The Club data is not currently in a format that makes it easy to suggest a more accurate figure… but I’m sure the Club will tackle that sometime soon to give a better