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Hi – I thought you may be interested to hear that that I have started the project. The trike is stripped and parts are away being blasted and painted. I bought another hybrid CB1100R for parts – not as mad as it seem as it has an 1100F engine and CB900FB front end and was priced accordingly. I have also managed to source correct RB wheels, front mudguard and GRP copy of an RB seat – both the trike and the donor bike had RC seats. The Dunlop bike will have CB900FB front end until I can locate original – but do’t tell anybody! I am going to have an interesting pile of bits left over – RB frame, tank, etc., RC seat and wheels, 1100F engine .. so I am planning a pseudo unfaired Gardner replica, perhaps for the track! I know its ambitious but if anyone has correct CB1100RB front end parts, you would make a friend and some money! Oh, and I am confused about the differences between CB900F forks, callipers and discs? Is it just the bigger diameter discs and the different calliper brackets to suit? Or are there more differences?

good luck with your projects dude…the discs are bigger with a different offset..also the forks have an odd size stantion thickness…externally they’re 37mm…i had to have mine straghtend…and one option i was given by ABE was to have new ones made…they stock fork tune in lengths ready to make new ones….they called me to say it was an odd size,and they would need to get tube in special…£££££££ they managed to fix mine…:)i’d keep the the ones you have….:)then again…if you have deep enough pockets anything is possible.