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Trevor Hughes


Hi Paul
I have checked the tool kits for my bikes and although the parts book shows common part numbers some of the spanners do differ in my tool kit the spanners are all the same sizes but my RD tool kit all three spanners have Honda written on them, the RC kit 2 have Honda and the other HM, while the RB kit only one has Honda the other 2 have HM. However pictured here is the RB/RC tool kit I purchased new 89010-MA3-000
From the Left
89219-422-000 Wrench eye, 24mm
89217-422-000 Handle eye wrench 120mm
89218-422-000 Wrench eye, 22mm
89215-422-000 Spanner pin
89226-422-000 Spanner 14×17
89225-422-000 Spanner 10×12
89224-422-000 Spanner 8×12
89222-422-000 Wrench Hex 8mm
89221-422-000 Wrench Hex 6mm
89210-422-000 Pliers 150
89216-425-870 Wrench Spark Plug
89103-371-000 Gauge Feeler 0.7
89227-422-000 Driver 2 Plus screw
89228-422-000 Driver 3 Plus screw
89229-422-000 Driver 2 Minus screw
99003-50000 Grip
The RD tool kit is the same except the 24mm Wrench eye is replaced by 89219-MA3-850 Wrench eye, 27mm.
The RB Gauge Air Pressure 89301-469-611 has all black writing on the face while the RC/RD Gauge Air Pressure 89301-463-771 has a red PSI scale.