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Hi Steve, it is good to hear that you want to put your bike where it is truly at home – on the track and I can guarantee that you will enjoy it
On the application form there is a section asking if you have any special requests. I have asked to be put in the same riding groups as the other 1100Rs but I don’t know if this will guarantee we are all put together. If the club are having a pitch like last year is there any weight that the club can put behind this request?
On the bike front, if it has not been used much prior to the event then make sure it all works with good fuel, drain the float bowls, chain lubed and adjusted – not tight. a good battery, plugs and leads ie make sure it runs well beforehand or you will be mightily ticked off if you are left in the paddock with a dead bike!!. The reall biggy is the brakes, make sure they are not sticking and have plenty of pad material you don’t want brake fade coming into Gerrards or the hairpin. You will actually find they work much better than on the road once they are warmed up
I run the tyres at 28 – 30psi front and 34 – 36psi rear and you can go lower. This will help warm them up faster and hence get more grip and it is absolutely fine and will not affect the handling. I even ride mine home at those pressures.
Go at your own pace with what you are comfortable with and maybe keep an inside line at first especially at the hairpin as you don’t want to get tee boned by a fast rider.
If you have any other questions please let me know. I look forward to seeing you out there