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Trevor Hughes

Hi Steve
I now have the postage costs for these cables.
The cables are £20 per set, that is one push and one pull cable.
Postage costs
UK £2.20, Europe £4.82, Australia £6.98

If you are paying by Paypal please make sure YOU pay the Paypal expenses on your account.
Steve B £22.20
Stephen S £22.20
Graham R £22.20
Carl R £22.20
Gary W £22.20
Nat P £22.20
Roy K £22.20
Andy L £42.20
Wout V £44.82
Terry C £26.98 I appreciate you have just purchased a NOS cable but if you would like a spare set.

I still have 2 sets of these cables left so if anyone else would like a set please let me know.