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done a fair a few track days at mallory….plenty of grip …pretty much as simon said…bike in good order…tyres and brakes are the key….you want lots of life in the tyres…no flat spots in the middle on the rear.. would be worth asking what others are using for tyre pressures…some tyres like different i use metzeler racetecs on my tl1000 and run 28 front 30 rear…but if i use dunlops its 20 front and 25 in the rear…plenty of pad and always worth running some fresh fluid through your brakes…mallory is fairy easy on the brakes…only the hair pin being a hard braking point as edwina’s is not used that weekend…ride at your own pace and build up slowly..they’ll be lots of slower and faster bike/people out there so maybe take mirrors off or fold them in….don’t worry about what’s behind you….you’ve already passed them:)
main thing……have fun:D