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Trevor Hughes

Hi John

How you doing?

Yes I have a few sets of Throttle cables left. I had orders for 13 sets and got 15 made. I’ve also had a cancelation since the order was placed so there are some left. Venhill have kept the dimension on record so future orders will also be possible. The cables are £20 GBP per set and shipping to Australia is about £7 GBP if you require a set then just let me know.

As for the Tool Boxes I now have a perfect copy of a new box and lid. The problem is that we cannot replicate the hinge. So I’m currently looking at small plastic hinges use for model aircraft. The guy who made the boxes tried many different ways but there is no way he could get it to work as Honda did. He feels if I can find a hinge he will be able to fit them in the mould. I’ll keep you informed.

It’s good to see you here.