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Trevor Hughes

Today I found myself in Durham with enough time to visit Tony Conway Motorcycles. I had been told by SteveB that Tony had an 1100R for sale in the shop. Imagine my surprise to find 2 1100Rs in the showroom.

A very original RD with only 7k on the clock. It has not been used for 13 years and unfortunately the paint on the fuel tank has bubbled. Tony is planning to send the tank away to Dream Machine for repaint and once the paintwork is complete he would be looking for offers around £10k. I would say the bike mileage is genuine because the bike is very clean and even has original exhaust. It is registered on an A plate.

An RC which appears to be all there. The bike was an import from Germany and has been painted in RD colours, the mirrors have been painted Red and it is fitted with an 1100F engine. The story is that the bike had a con rod go through the cases so the F engine found. Tony is not sure how much of the F engine is fitted and said it may only be the F cases, certainly the Generator is 1100R but the clutch cover looks to be from the F. This bike also has original exhaust. Tony would like offers around £5k.

Anyone interested:
Tony Conway Motorcycles
8-10 High Street North
Langley Moor

Tel: 0191 3789802
Mob: 07850 317887