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Very good point………………

I wont be buying that then. Although It would be interesting to see how they value that @ import point.
Seller of course can give you an invoice, but surely he can write whatever figure you like on that. I had heard a rumor, that irrespective of what is written on an invoice, customs will value it themselves to stop fiddlers. Still , if you paid £5000 for it cant see them seeing this as outside of the price range . As for the ” spares “, would be even more interested to see how customs value that if at all . I certainly have an interest, but given expenses to go get it, ( hire a van /fuel etc etc ) customs / registration hastle + import duty, its worth no more than £6000 to me so thats what i will offer. I am sure it will be rejected, but there is a good £3000 worth of taxes/expenses to get it here, assuming there is nothing wrong with it and it runs.
Feel free to tell me im wrong…………always good to have corroberation of one’s opinions.