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Nick here from the UK. Finally got my hands on a CB1100RC after many years !

The bike was imported from Holland. Dutch registration number was MD-80-VB if anyone knows of it ?

Its in fair condition, just had full brake service with new pistons etc.

Some crazing on seat unit.

Clutch sounds likes its about to shake the engine to bits below 2000 revs. Nice and quite at those revs with clutch pulled so will have to just turn the tickover up for now !
Is this a bearing or rubber bush issue in the clutch ? Was told the noise is a bit of a standard Honda clutch issue ?

Registered the bike as an import on the Customs and Excise NOVA database and no VAT to pay.

Will insure it tomorrow hopefully (need to find someone who will insure a bike without a UK number plate – must be some out there as it has to be insured to get it registered) and then to stick some tape on the headlamp for the MOT as it’s a euro headlamp (anyone know where to put the tape ?).

Then I should be able to get an age related plate as I have all the Dutch registration documents.

It’s great to be an owner and member and hopefully meet up with some of you at some point.

Sorry for asking questions already and I’ve only been here a few minutes !