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Trevor Hughes

Hi Nick and welcome.

As Wim has said the clutch noise can often be reduced with a carb balance but the clutch rubbers are 30 plus years old and they do become hard with time. I’ve not fitted one of Wout’s kits yet but there are some good reports from guy’s on the 1100f forum. They are reasonably simple to fit as well so worth a try. The good news is that many 11R’s are noisy but it’s harmless.

In the UK the best insurance quote’s I’ve found are from Peter James Insurance. His policies are unlimited mileage, give automatic European recovery for you and the bike and he offers a discount for club members. However not sure about unregistered bikes so give him a call.

You can usually see triangle shapes on the headlight glass where you need to align the beam deflector. When taking a UK bike into Europe the deflector is between 8 and 9 o’clock looking at the front of the bike. I can only assume it would be on the other side being European model.