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Glenn Kirkham

Hi Nick and welcome to the ‘gang’…

One cause of rattling like a ‘bag of nails’ below 2000 rpm can be the three loose bolts below the timing plate on the LH side of the bike (when sitting on it). Fix is simple – remove the LH timing covers, remove the timing gear and plate, clean up loose bolts and degrease the threads, apply a dab of loctite and reaasemble – job done. It’s simple and quick – did mine over 12 years ago with no recurrance – reckon that’s why the previous owner was selling it..!!

Don’t forget the MPH stickers on the KPH speedo too Nick. Your MOT will be on the frame number like the insurance – DVLA office will add the reg no. and stamp the documents so you can Tax it – then you get a new insurance certificate. It’s a hassle but worth it in the end Nick.

Cheers.. Glenn