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Trevor Hughes

Hi Simon

I have heard there is a guy in Manchester who will completely refurb the carbs. He is happy to supply all the parts if you want to DIY alternatively send him the carbs and he will do the job. I will check the details and let you know.

Starter Motor working well when Cold but not when Hot is a common issue on the 11R. In most cases remove the starter, clean the armature and replace the brushes. Even if the brushes measure within the Honda specification they deteriorate with age so replace them. A pair of brushes is about £11 so a good clean and new brushes is a cheap fix.

I see you’ve booked the IOM crossing, there are a lot of us crossing 22nd and returning 29th or 30th. I’m looking forward to the meeting already.

From what I’ve heard Mallory Park is up for sale and as Steve said, there are rumours of the Festival 1000 Bikes being at Donnington next year. That will give you a chance to ride another circuit. (If you can get it started:cool::cool::cool:)