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Trevor Hughes

You’ve already taken a look at this bike then? I’m away working currently but since it’s very close to home I may take a trip out and take a look. I have no interest in buying another one but it will give me something to do at the weekend.

@KeithG 3010 wrote:

Hi Steve
Yes it got no bids at £6000,I suspect this bike may have been a race bike, badly worn discs and low mileage, also i viewed this bike and sump has been drilled for wire locking sump plug, and a performance exhaust
Spoke to the seller and does not run, faulty pulsar coil, you would think a simple repair to get running, 1/2 hour job to change,he must be worth it for the seller, also lh engine cover looks like 750/900 one as not gold and no chamfer on ATU cover, maybe replaced due to crash damage?

Seller did state good examples sell for £10K and also has it advertised for £7500 here

Dont think previous owner was too big on maintenance, very slick rear tyre, oil as black as coal, and a non O ring rear chain

No papers as you say but as the Bike is ex South African you need a police clearance to export vehicles from SA so the authorities there were satisfied the bike was clear,and the bike is on the nova database so would just need a dating letter from Honda to register

Probably be a good project at the right price, but needs body work sorting and a unknown engine can be a real expensive job, and front brake discs are hard to find for a RB

Sort of project I am looking for though

Regards Keith