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I have been a bit frustrated with parts supply on another resto project, so being as impatient as I am, I thought I would have a play with the ‘R’.
It didn’t take much to get it running, and I have done my best in fixing the crapped out fibreglass work.
So the new plan is to ride it around, and get to know it, before tearing down for a full resto.
Last friday I got the ‘R’ registered on historical plates, and took her for her maiden ‘shakedown’ run out to West Head.

This run proved I have plenty of ‘fettling’ to do to turn this into a civilised road bike!
In registering it, I discover it has never been registered before – purely a track/race bike – even though carrying a full AU compliance plate.
So I am off to play with jetting, timing and cam issues – as I would describe it as having nothing down low, then a ‘light switch’ power delivery as the front wheel heads for the sky!