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Hi Brian,
I was reading somewhere that somone used to remove the head barrel studs and get the head off
in situ. I found that after 30 odd years getting some of the studs out even with the barrels off
almost impossible. In fact on this 900 I’m rebuilding I did not bother as I would certainly break
them. On my 1100R I left the sump off and oil pick up and that gives you more room getting the lump
out and in. You will also find people doing a complete bike rebuild tend to lay the engine on it’s side
and lower the frame over the engine so less damage is done to the paintwork.
So I would rebuild the engine on the bench and leave sump off ect and get a couple of strong lads to help.
I do believe I saw someone come up with some sort of lifting device but can’t remember who and where I saw it.
Anyway all the best Gary W.
PS Any members remember the lifting article and pictures.