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    I have the engine out of the RD and found it a good fun job to remove, not. My refit plan was to assemble the basic crankcases and barrel, carefully install it back into the freshly painted frame and finish the reassembly in the frame. To my disappointment I find the owner’s / workshop book says to remove the engine in order to remove the head. To me that implies I won’t be able to fit the head wiith the engine in. Can somebody tell me if it is possible to fit the head in situ please?


    Hi Brian,
    I was reading somewhere that somone used to remove the head barrel studs and get the head off
    in situ. I found that after 30 odd years getting some of the studs out even with the barrels off
    almost impossible. In fact on this 900 I’m rebuilding I did not bother as I would certainly break
    them. On my 1100R I left the sump off and oil pick up and that gives you more room getting the lump
    out and in. You will also find people doing a complete bike rebuild tend to lay the engine on it’s side
    and lower the frame over the engine so less damage is done to the paintwork.
    So I would rebuild the engine on the bench and leave sump off ect and get a couple of strong lads to help.
    I do believe I saw someone come up with some sort of lifting device but can’t remember who and where I saw it.
    Anyway all the best Gary W.
    PS Any members remember the lifting article and pictures.


    Thanks Gary. The hard way it is then.


    Hi Brian
    I can confirm that you do have to take the engine out to get the cylinder head off on the 1100R’s and you have to take the sump and oil pan etc off to get the engine out so don’t refit it until the engine is back in. The 900’s had a removeable frame side tube so you didn’t have to do this but the 1100Rs did away with that for chassis stiffness.
    Putting the engine in is definately a 2 man (person if I want to be PC which I don’t) job and putting tape etc on the frame will prevent paint damage
    good luck


    On there is an excellent method posted for taking the engine out of the frame. I’ve used it once and it was a charm, engine in and out very easy.

    Basically, as mentioned earlier, remove sump and oil pickup (alternatively leave them in situ and remove cams), then take two long 2 x 4s, strap one underneath the carb manifold and another underneath the exhaust manifold bolts. Cinch very tightly. One guy on either end (make 2 x 4s long wnough to pass engine all the way through the frame. Third person tales over from the person on the side the engine is coming from. no scratches and easy as pie.




    Get a plank of wood long enough to span the bottom frame rails and leave enough sticking out the side to sit the engine minus sump,oil pick up and cam cover on,support the plank at the end,lift the engine on,slide it across the plank into the frame,then support the engine with ratchet type tie down straps and lift it right up to the top frame rail,remove the plank,protect the bottom of the engine and support it with a hydraulic jack,using a combination of slackening the straps and lowering the jack slowly the engine can be positioned to get a couple of bolts in place,one man job


    Thanks chaps. I think I will assemble the crankcases, barrel and head, put it in the frame then put the rest on. I’m estimating without the clutch, alternator, starter motor and clutch etc, oil pump, sump, it has to be at least 15 kg lighter.

    Trevor Hughes


    Some mechanical muscle can help when it comes to removing the engine. Put one of these on your Christmas list.:D


    Great solution Trev, with just two problems.
    1) I didn’t read this until after Christmas and
    2) My shed is only a tiny bit bigger than the forklift!

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