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Trevor Hughes

Hi Andy

The rarity of these wheels will obviously add to the value in any sellers mind. The fact it was only an option, therefore not standard will detract from the value in the mind of a potential purchaser. The bottom line is, if you want it you have to agree on a value.

Personally I’m not aware of any R wheels with the silver rim but I have never seen a 3.5 for real and it quite simple to remove the gold if so required anyway. I know that Steve has seen these when in Oz so he may be able to advise.

Looking at the picture I would say the rear disc is not R either. There is also manufacture date code on all R wheels, usually in the form of 3 figures the first being the month, second and third the year. Look at for sale part of this site where Keith has an RB wheel for sale you can clearly see 880 on the rim, which denotes a manufacture date August 1980. I don’t know if this code becomes 4 figures for October through December but it would make sense.

Good luck my friend