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    Ok… I know the race kits are as rare as rocking horse poo, but what resale value would you put on an authentic 3.5 that is in fair condition (see pics)?


    The seller is under the impression that all of the 3.5s had a silver rim but, from memory I’m not sure that’s so.

    I’m trying to work out wether this is worth what the seller (who has gone from the stance of “make me an offer” to “BOOM there’s the price, take it or leave it”) wants for it or not so i thought I’d garner opinion on here.

    Thanks in advance



    Hi Andy,
    I would think that for the novelty factor alone that a 3.5″ rim would certainly attract a premium above that of a 3.00″ rim. What that premium is though is almost impossible to say. A seller who knows the rarity of these wheels is certainly not going to give them away in this day and age I wouldn’t think, and like most rare things the selling price is what someone is prepared to pay. If you don’t buy then I am sure some other equally keen R afficianado will eventually.

    Would there be any advantage using one on the road? Probably not I would say, apart from a great talking point at meet ups.

    The pictures show however that the seller is not totally correct with his sales patter re: the silver rim. These are from the wheel that Ralf Buhl got hold of a few years back.

    Good luck with your negotiations. I look forward to hearing how the deal goes.

    Trevor Hughes

    Hi Andy

    The rarity of these wheels will obviously add to the value in any sellers mind. The fact it was only an option, therefore not standard will detract from the value in the mind of a potential purchaser. The bottom line is, if you want it you have to agree on a value.

    Personally I’m not aware of any R wheels with the silver rim but I have never seen a 3.5 for real and it quite simple to remove the gold if so required anyway. I know that Steve has seen these when in Oz so he may be able to advise.

    Looking at the picture I would say the rear disc is not R either. There is also manufacture date code on all R wheels, usually in the form of 3 figures the first being the month, second and third the year. Look at for sale part of this site where Keith has an RB wheel for sale you can clearly see 880 on the rim, which denotes a manufacture date August 1980. I don’t know if this code becomes 4 figures for October through December but it would make sense.

    Good luck my friend


    Hi Andy,

    I have had a couple of these 3.50″ rims pass through my hands and have seen quite a few and can attest that they are all exactly the same as the standard 3.00″ rims apart from that
    extra Half Inch of course. So the “Silver Rim” theory is a bit of misguided sales BullShiiiite. I would say the anodising has been been worn/abraded off by some means.

    As for Value… I currently have a 3.50″rim on my RD and this is an advantage if you want to fit wider tyres to the rim. Anything over 130mm wide on the rear tyre is actually out of
    spec fitted on a 3.00″ rim as it changes the geometry of the tyre significantly. I’ve seen tyres as wide as 160/80 squeezed onto a standard rim which makes the tyre seriously
    unpredictable on the edges. OK for motorways though I guess.

    The widest tyre I have found that would be in specification on a 3.50″ rim is a 150/70. I have a set of radial Bridgstone 150/70 on my RD and gave them a serious scubbing around
    Castle Donnington in April. They are the best tyres EVER for an 1100R, the only downside is I’ve seriously scrapped the footpegs getting the bike over on the edge of the tyres around McLeans and Coppice:rolleyes:

    Now the problem… you can’t get these tyres any more in an 18 inch. So when I’ve shot these I’ll be back on BT45’s.

    So value.. well as AndyJ says as a novelty you will pay the premium over a standard wheel and you don’t see them offered for sale often. Thing is, apart from the novelty will you get
    any extra value yourself. If you can get the extra performance out of wider tyres, ie. on a racetrack, then it’s worth paying more than a standard wheel. Basically, could you use an extra Half Inch Andy ?? ;)

    If for show and the novelty factor then for the afficionados the wheel is effectively damaged so what do you take off the value for that?:(

    I guess there’s not precident for how much to offer on these so it’s over to you and your wallet then !

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