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Hi Steve,
I do not have the actual codes to hand at present but I understand that the RB and RC red is Monza Red and the white is Cortina white. The blue I am unsure of. I will have a further check try and come up with some codes for you. Unless you are planning to apply the paint yourself though, I would think that most reputable paint companies will be able to match the colours with little difficulty.
The RD is a different kettle of fish though I am led to believe, in that the final appearance of the colours does not actually show until the top lacquer type coat is applied.

@SteveD 243 wrote:

Due to the exhaust Camchain tensioner bolt tread stripping, I’m finally getting around to restoring my RC (previously AlexH’s).
The colour code label has gone miising from the frame. Can someone please advise of the colour codes for the RC.
Thank you in advance. Steve