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Well I have finally managed to evict the hordes of spiders and other creepy crawlies and dragged out the box of bits. Amazing it was, I had forgotten what was in there. A full top end and gearbox.
Anyhow, regarding what you are seeking, Cams and Rods.
After checking the condition of the various parts I can only assume that the reason the engine was stripped was probably an oil issue. Evidence from parts that I don’t have as opposed to what I do have leads me to think that there was probably a crank failure at some time and a resulting loss of oil pressure. I don’t have the crank or it’s stashed somewhere else, unlikely. I also do not have the cases which again maybe points to some proper damage to the bottom end of the motor. From the pictures of the cylinder head, I think you will see that the valve lifter tops on the exhaust look a deeper colour to the inlet lifters. This though may be normal as they are on the exhaust side, I am not sure. One of the bearing journals does show some markings and it is possible that something may have picked up. The exhaust cam also shows some markings on a couple of bearing surfaces, not terminal in my opinion but probably requiring some engineering firm input, probably metal spraying and machining.
There are 4 x MA3 rods with undamaged pistons and rings that appear servicable. One piston is tight on its pin but I suspect not an issue, just a bit of oil required. The rods look darker at the big ends which again leads me back to possible crank issues and overheating.
I would advise personal inspection ideally as I am not an expert but from what knowledge I have picked up over my biking carreer the parts could be used if you turn up nothing better. Not sure if this is what you wanted to hear. If you need further info or better pictures (ooooooohh) then let me know. Give me a ring if that is easier. My number is in R World.

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Thanks Andy… I should have put a bold and italic on that ‘just’ in my first reply… I long ago learnt not to count any chickens etc