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    Trevor Hughes

    I have been sent this messgae. Project anyone?

    Good evening!!!

    I would like to get in contac with the club, because I have a CB1100R. My husband bought it new, and it was his jewel.!!!
    Years ago he had an accident with it, and he always wanted to repare his CB. He was mechanical but he didn´t have time enough to do it.
    Three yeas ago my husband died, and now I have his CB. If it would have been another serial moto I would have throught it out, but I know that this is a very special bike and surely someone is looking for one.

    I would like to sell it. Could you please be so kind to help me? I will thank your suggestions.

    I´m spanish.
    Thank you in advance for your attention
    Best regards

    Marisa CLAVER
    Tel: +34 (9)76 524987
    Mob: +34 609 106 186


    Hi Trev,I have send a message to the lady and will recive picture`s.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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