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    Trevor Hughes

    I have found a company in Coventry who can remanufacture our air box covers at a very reasonable price. £30 a pair including UK postage.

    He has also remanufactured the RC/RD tool box, again a very good copy but the hinge is difficult to get right so if you require the box to be for more than a show piece. You may need to find a small replacement hinge. You will also need the lock from your old box.

    Martyn Hays:
    Tel: [URL=”tel:07939 556436″]07939 556436[/URL]

    Unfortunatly Martyn is a bit slow with Email so best call or text him.


    The club members at Stafford were very impressed and could not tell the replicas from the original.


    Looks a good product Trev. Just for info and to make things even better, the lock and key assembly and the retaining clip are available from CMS for a reasonable price.

    Keith Goodman

    Nice to see someone making the very rare R toolbox..the R restoration project I bought earlier this year had the toolbox but one of the hinges was broken..i found a small pair of hinges in B & Q and held them on with some small screws, then painted them Black, does not show when the bike is on the side stand


    Just read this….. I don’t suppose anyone knows if we can still get a replica toolbox from anywhere.?
    Regards Will

    Trevor Hughes

    Hi Will

    Unfortunately the company I worked with to manufacture these Tool Boxes and Air box covers is not happy with the result. They did produce these great prototypes which I believe are as good as the original but the guy was just not happy with the result because he could not get the hinge to work. I’ve spoken to him many times but still can not persuade him to produce any more. I now know of many owners who would like a tool box so I guess its time to see if we as a club can find another supplier.



    Yes Trev, I agree and will do what I can to help.
    Please keep us in the loop.
    Regards Will


    Sendt a mail for 2 mouth ago to prototype… answer. Need a toolbox

    Glenn Kirkham

    Hi – I believe a few people do, unfortunately the company we were working with were not happy to produce them and so we are back to square one I believe.. :(

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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