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    I’ve done this a few times now but every time it is a complete pain in the a*se!

    I always manage to unseat the rubbers from carb to airbox and try as I might they never seem to sit back in properly.

    Anyone have any simple to understand methods for doing this task as I despair due to my obvious ham-fistedness!


    Andy, I know the frustration well.

    The most important thing is getting the Air Box a far back as it will go. I recently took the Carbs of my RD (after trying everything possible to avoid having to do so) and found a slight rearrangement of the GROUND cable and alternator cable threading mean’t I could get the airbox back right up against the Battery Box Frame.
    Secure the Airbox back with the bolt on the frame above the airbox of course.
    Then after juggling the carbs into place from underneath put the engine spigots in first and then the carb end spigots don’t foul too much on the rubbers…
    removal obviously in reverse.
    The main thing I found is… keep very very patient with it! Then write down how you did it so you remember next time. (HOpe I remembered this correctly cus I forgot that last bit:o )
    Someone might have a good tip about the Throttle Cables too… particularly the “throttle on” – thats B%$#!rd that raised the blood pressure for me.:mad:


    Hope I am not stating the obvious here but, 10 mins. with a hair dryer to warm the rubbers makes a big difference.


    Andy has it right. The job is a b***h. I have done it loads of times, heating the rubbers even with hot water (it does not go in the engine!) and on reinstallation use WD40 or even copper slip to lube the rubbers. Don’t do it in a freezing cold garage either – the cold does make a difference.
    The cables are the biggest ‘B’ and I have not found an easy way round. I disconnect them when the carbs are free of the rubber mounts as you can get to the connections a little easier and likewise putting them back on. Problem is holding the carbs while doing it so – no simple solution that I know I am afraid

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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