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    A little call for help from any CB1100 owners in the North East / West of UK
    or Border region.
    I’m very new to the group and currently do not own a CB1100 but some day soon I would like to put this right.
    I have always admired them since a long lost friend bought one in the 80’s but haven’t physically seen one for a number of years.

    My question is simple, is there anyone that would like to ‘show off’ their bike in my area that has a (ideally RC or RD ) that I could have a look at?

    Secondly my other concern is the size of the bike. I’m 6’3” (medium build) and wondered if I can squeeze onto one without looking silly. I’ve looked at the specifications and compared it to my current bikes and on paper I’m happy but would like to see one in ‘the flesh’.
    I am aware that the group are attending The Stafford Bike Show shortly however unfortunately I can’t make it.
    I hope my request doesn’t sound too ridiculous.

    Glenn Kirkham

    Hi Gordon, I see no one has replied to you. Not many UK members seem to use the Forum so you may get a better response from the club Facebook page?
    I’m 6’2″ and find the 1100R a very comfortable bike sometimes touring on it too.
    We do have members in the North but they appear to be quite shy about joining events.
    May be an email to the magazine editor to publish might get more response..?
    Cheers.. Glenn


    Hi Gordon
    Sorry i didnt pick up the forum earlier, I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne and own a Rc as well as a few other bikes and being 6’3 and 16st and 60 all my bikes must be comfortable. The RC is my go to bike for rides out as I just love the feel and size of the bike.
    If you havent got fixed up yet I would love for you to have a sit\ ride (insurance permitting) on my rc or just a natter over a cup of coffee.



    Hi Ian

    Thanks for the reply.
    I would love to take your offer of viewing your RC, whenever it’s convenient for you.
    PS happy for you to discuss via text 07816225599.


    Great to meet you today Ian and it seems we have a lot in common apart from having a soft spot for CB1000r’s.
    Hope it’s ok I’ve attached a photo of the RC.
    Thanks again

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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